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Culture & Values

Deeds, not words, are the measure of any team, company or individual. At iFinance, we believe that values become real when they are demonstrated, not simply because they are posted on a wall.

As a team, we have built a culture that reflects the values and priorities we each bring to our work; values we demonstrate every day, with every customer. It is the sum of our collective values that creates the culture in which we work and the relationships that we build and sustain.

Our Credo

Our team has created and chosen these guiding principles as our core values:

  • > Credibility
  • > Integrity
  • > Positively Engaged
  • > Freedom
  • > Constant Innovation

These are not simply words we have chosen; this is our purpose and we live by these principles on a daily basis, whether its practiced with a client, a team member or a charity we support.


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