Celebrating the arrival of Spring!

Spring has sprung…

 The weather here on the west coast has been unseasonably warm this year – all through the Olympics people wandered the streets of Vancouver in light jackets, the sun shone and trees bloomed in spontaneous abandon.  We made a wonderful impression on the world. 

 Were it not for the winter games we might have celebrated our early spring — instead we looked for something to pin the phenomena on – El Ninio – Global Warming – as trucks hauled snow from the interior 24 hours a day to make up for the lack of the white stuff on Cypress Mountain. 

 West Coasters are known throughout Canada as blowhards… we usually flaunt our flowers while the poor people on the prairies are still shoveling their driveways – we’re kind of awful that way.   The rest of the country generally tries to get even – we get the gears about our seasonal wet stuff (the ten months of rain) and put up with claims that we rust rather than tan out here – we then retaliate with phone calls when we hear about blizzards or ice storms.  It’s friendly banter. 

 Not so this year – the mild weather this past February almost proved an embarrassment… almost.

The 2010 Olympic Games were a huge success – despite of (or in part, because of) the weather.  And that success has garnered us boasting rights again. So as I note the flurries in Edmonton this afternoon I am also making plans to run home after work to cut my lawn – I may just give my cousin in Sherwood Park a call.  It is, after all, spring time in Alberta as well.

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